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About Us

The Nollystream Network started in 2017 with the simple thought that it would be cool to have the world access more African content. At the same time, the African audience is craving for new content and insights from other corners of the world. Breaking Borders and Building Bridges became the motto for the platform.

A little bit of background

The Nigerian film industry "Nollywood" is the second largest film industry in the world based on the quantity of films produced, placing them right below after India's Bollywood and before USA's Hollywood. Even though Nollywood is the youngest film industry (born in the early 1990's) it's a dynamic industry, using innovative forms of production and releasing around 50 new films per week.

Creative Africa is booming and the expanding demand for African culture throughout the globe was the beginning of the business model for the Nollystream network, linking film content from all corners of the world on a cosmopolitan platform.

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